When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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As of July 15th, this site is now OPEN! Have fun! ^^
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 Naruto Requiem

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PostSubject: Naruto Requiem    Naruto Requiem  EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 5:50 am

100 years after Naruto fought madara in the Great ninja war, the world was plunged into a great chaotic spell. The once great villages are no more, and all the bijuu whom power once controlled the land have vanished. . .

Now, in this world. A new more stronger threat awaits you. It grows, it breathes... it's you. You alone control your destiny as the lands frantically fight to become whole. You choose were you fit in, and ultimately you choose what side you wish to take. You can walk the path of light and stop all forboading doom with various skills or items. Or you can walk the path of Dark and plunge the world further into darkness with an awestruck array of abilities.

But before you make any choice beware of a new threat , as old as time itself, that has fallen out of the sky. Beware a power strong enough to rival the bijuu. Beware the Oni

So what is Naruto Requiem? Naruto Requiem is a free Naruto-based role-playing forum that has been under construction for about a year and is finally finished. The site was created by Noctis, with much assistance from his loyal staff members.

What will you get from Naruto Requiem that you may not get from another forum? For one, we use a stat and a point system here on Naruto Requiem, but don't worry. The system is simple and very easy to grasp. It also provides room for a sense of character growth which several other sites usually don't offer. The rewards for leveling up are increased chakra and stamina as well as having requirements met to purchase certain jutsu, skills, and items.

Speaking of which, the site presents a complete original system that was never been featured in other sites before, as well as many Skills and Items for one to purchase using our currency system which will make it easier to add new techniques and such to your character's arsenal. Not that we're disregarding customs that are always allowed as well.

Despite the fact that we have our own original plot, we let the members choose their own shinobi paths, using the plot as a guide, allowing your character to make their own impact in this forum's story.

What else?

  • Kind, Active, and Experienced Staff
  • Points System
  • Original History/Plot
  • Original Organization (As the villages get filled, the group will be available)
  • Sensei/Student System (work in progress)
  • Make your own (Criminal) organization
  • Wars and Invasions
  • Missions (Make-your-own...Pre-made possibly in the future)
  • Events (such as Exams, random village events, etc.)
  • The possibility of Bijuu in the future
  • 16 clans/bloodlines from the anime
  • Make Your Own jutsu, items, skills, clans, etc...
  • Two playable villages (Suna and Konoha...more will come when existing villages are filled)
  • Nuke-nin (Criminal) option (for those not interested in the villages)

And much more..

Note: For a limited time the site needs your idea to build a plot. So if you register on the site today, you can share your idea and it may be used.

So what are you waiting for?

Naruto Requiem  Red12 First Impressions - Rating: Excellent

We hope you have a magnificent first impression of our site. We put a lot of time and moderation inspecting the forum trying to make it better. Supplying our members with the best and most up to date forum available with Forumotion services. There are multiple categories to discuss Naruto Anime, Manga and Roleplaying.

Naruto Requiem  Purple11 Graphics & Layout - Rating: Excellent

Like I said, very neat widgets and a clean and sleek design. The layout provides simple navigation throughout the forum which provides the forum with a huge up in registration. The header is simple and nice.

Naruto Requiem  Orange12 Forum Activity - Rating: Excellent

We would be lying if we said there was not enough activity on this board. Our forum has an excellent rate of activity. Although you might not be the type to get on everyday, we would suggest to commit more posts each and every day. We offer all sorts of entertainment to our members so that you will always have something to come back to.

Naruto Requiem  Blue11 Staff & Usergroups - Rating: Excellent

Our forum has the perfect amount of usergroups and Staff Members to match the theme and amount of members on our forum. Our forum contains Staff Groups as well as entertainment groups. We find this to be very professional and decent. So we hope this appeals to all of our new users looking to register with us.

Naruto Requiem  Green11 Originality & Unique Quality - Rating: Good

The quality of our forum is far from common. We have spectacular themes and contest for our users enjoyment. Starting with our unique name which sets us apart from the regular Naruto sites you may join. We encourage you to join our top rated site, and we encourage that you help us become bigger and greater.

We Reviewed Our Site! Now Its Time For You To Review It TOO!
Join Naruto Requiem & Experience the great adventure that is......

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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Requiem    Naruto Requiem  EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 7:23 pm

Please put your button up there and we will put yours up here.


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Naruto Requiem
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