When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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 hanabishi kanda wip

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hanabishi kanda

PostSubject: hanabishi kanda wip   Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:13 am

It's only a matter of time.

warning, my picture may be a little big

Hanabishi kanda
the immortal dark wizard

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.

♦ First Name: kanda
♦ Middle Name:
♦ Surname: hanabishi
♦ Alias: the immortal dark wizard
♦ Age: 25
♦ Gender: male
♦ Race: mage
→ Dimension: the magi world I think it was called

۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair Colour: white
⊹ Hair Style: long uncontrolled, sometimes tied in a pony tail if my character doesn’t want to deal with it
⊹ Eyes: crimson red
⊹ Skin: pale white, almost as the same color as his hair
⊹ Usual Apparel: usually whats in the picture. In the case he doesn’t feel like standing out, he would wear a brown cotton mantle with a hood that hides basically everything
⊹ Other: asides from whats in the picture, he has a ring made from a combination of metals (not alloys but actually metallic parts) the ring is made of some gold, silver, platnim, and has a small crystal embedded in the center of the ring. This is his magic activation item (meaning like a wand or staff).

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon: his ring of gyges (his magic activation item). Its basically his wand only in the form of a ring.

♖ Power: mind reading powers. My character would be able to hear what his opponent is thinking about

    ♖keen intellect- Often because of his age, he is cautious. Often taking note of even the smallest things around him
    ♖ perceptive senses- because of his keen intellect, he tries to take note of the smallest things
    ♖large potential for dark magic- unknown to him, he has potential to be a dark mage.

    ♖kitty cuteness- he cannot attack anything he deems cute (mostly cat related themes)
    ♖ water- he never learned to swim due to using magic to compensate
    ♖ spicy foods- due to using his senses, he doesn’t eat anything that could hinder any of his senses, and he is particularly sensitive to spicy foods
    ♖warm temperatures- due to his early days of constantly studying indoors, he adapted to cooler temperatures. He still prefers cooler temperatures even after living quite a while only because of habit

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality: his personality can actually change through moods. When he’s happy, he can be carefree and lax, when he’s angry he can seem like a homicidal maniac. When he’s sad he is a depressing individual to be around, but over all, his personality isn’t that bad as a person could lern to get used to it, but most of the time, he lives through personal philosophies he has learned as a student of magic
✵ Good / Bad Habit(s): whenever he lies, he comically looks to the left of the person he is talking to. Sometimes when he’s complaining, 7 out of 10 times it would usually be because of the temperature even if it is fine to most people
✵Goal(s): to find a reason for his knowledge, and find a girlfriend that doesn’t mind living with him
✵Dream(s): it’s basically the same as the goals.
    ✵cats. He just love the kitty cats no matter how many he sees, the smaller and friendlier, the better
    ✵sweets- who doesn’t
    ✵reading a good book
    ✵learning new magic

    ✵ most of the thing that are listed as his weakness
    except the cats
    ✵the heat

۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: November 14th, 25 years before the current story line if there is any
❅ Home: the mage dimension or whatever it was called
❅ Bloodline: mages of average battle power, but of great intellect
❅ Siblings: a younger adoptive sister that is in love with kanda (just for the lulz) currently 24 years old
❅ Background: his story isn’t a dramatic one seeing he comes from a family of mages that lives in a small. His parents would make him study for every waking second of his life until he became independent, even when at the dinner table, his parents would constantly talk about magical theory. This would result in his only friend being his adoptive sister who was studying magical theory with kanda. Even though she was of lesser talent than kanda, he never made fun of her, usually he would actually help her study. Because of his latent abilities he was able to develop his own spells that were more suited for battle. And every year since he was five, he would be forced by his parents to participate in a magic tournament in his village. Obviously as a 5 year old mage at the time, he would lose before the preliminaries, but as he got older, his skills became sharpened. Soon he became the champion of his village at the age of 15, winning the tournament with his own spells that he developed on his own. But jealousy took hold of the losers and soon, he was regarded as a dark wizard because of the way he won. He usually would win without a scratch on him. And his signature spell “the arrow of absolute darkness” appeared as a spell only a dark wizard would use. Thus he was banished because most of the villagers in his small village are unable to understand his spell.what kanda didn't know is that when the elders analyzed his signature spell. they saw large potential for dark magic. wishing only peace for the village, they banished him from his home. His parents gave him a bag with some necessities. Having been closer to her older adoptive brother than her parents, his sister went with him traveling from town to town with him


❅ RP Sample: (To see how good you are.)[/center][/font]

Character Outline

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hanabishi kanda wip
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