When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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 Race Information

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PostSubject: Race Information   Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:40 pm

Normally these creatures are in human form, but during a full moon they can turn into savage beasts, tearing everything apart with no mercy. They are known to have very bad tempers and act before they think. Even in human form their bodies are significantly warmer than the average human. There are a few werewolves that are able to transform at will when it's dark, but this is very rare. They detest vampires and will do anything to see the clan erased.
Natural Powers: When they're in human form, none, but in werewolf form their speed and strength is much enhanced. They can jump very high and their sense of smell gets much better. Basically they can do whatever a wolf does, only better.
Weaknesses: They shy away from anything silver, and a silver bullet is one of the best ways to kill one. Wolfsbane, a poisonous plant, repels them.

Perhaps the darkest creatures of the night, vampires survive by drinking the blood of humans. They can also get by on animal blood, but they need human blood once and a while to survive. The polar opposite of the werewolves, their body temperature is cooler than humans, with a personality to match! Most vampires wouldn't go out of their way to help you, instead preferring to keep to their selves. Vampires can't go out in direct the sun, but if it's a cloudy day they'll be all right for a little while. They're at their strongest power in the pitch black. These creatures are very fast, and sometimes it can seem like they're flying. Many wear black or dark clothing, and when they're feeding their eyes are red. They very much dislike werewolves and tend to avoid them whenever possible. Vampires are made from a vampire draining a human's body of blood then giving them some of their own. However, a human made vampire can not turn another human into a vampire, only a vampire born of vampires (a born vampire) can do this.
Natural Powers: Enhanced strength and speed, as well as faster healing and better eyesight than humans.
Weaknesses: The direct sun will kill them, and they can only stay out on cloudy days for about half an hour at a time or risk getting seriously burnt. Garlic is poison to them, and, while it won't kill them unless they're exposed to it for a long time, it will repel them. They're also not able to get near churches for the holy power is too strong.

Humans who have died and gone to heaven (or hell). They usually appear as solid figures, but when they're weak they begin to become transparent. They are able to walk through walls and even other beings. When around, humans will usually feel a cold draft, but when they turn, no one will be there. Unless, of course, the spirit chooses for the human to see him/her. They are able to possess people, but will not do so unless they have bad intentions. They are extremely loyal to those they have left behind and will watch over them best they could.
Natural Powers: The ability to possess people and walk through anything.
Weaknesses: Salt will make them vaporize, and, of course, their lack of body.
~Restless Spirits~
Pretty much the same as the regular spirits, except these are bound to Earth for some reason, mostly because of things they've done in the past. A majority of these are evil, and the most likely of all spirits to possess humans.
Natural Powers: The ability to possess people and walk through anything.
Weaknesses: Salt will make them vaporize, their lack of body, and being bound to Earth.
The purest beings of all, these creatures live in the heavens, watching over Earth. They are guide people to heaven when it is their time, and purify those who truly want to change. They are very kind and sweet in nature, but if they become angered, watch out! These beings are very powerful and can hold their own in a fight against any monster. If an angel is around, a human will feel an unexplainable warmth and happiness.
Natural Powers: The ability to heal any human a great deal. They can also repel demons and other evil beings unless they're too strong. They have the ability to fly for a long time.
Weaknesses: Very strong demons, vampires, werewolves, etc can overpower them. They may also get taken advantage of because of their pure, sweet nature.
Evil to the core, these creatures will stop at nothing to get what they want. They're extremely greedy and self-centered, the polar opposite of angels. Demons will steal people's souls, turning them evil and guiding them to hell. They despise all other races, wanting everything for themselves. Demons, like spirits, are able to posses humans. When a demon if around, you will become extremely uneasy and a dread will come over you.
Natural Powers: Demons are the oldest of all beings, so they have a great deal of knowledge. Fire can't hurt them. Their strength and speed is also enhanced.
Weaknesses: Like vampires, direct sunlight can kill them. They can only be out at night and on cloudy days for a short time. Also like vampires, they cannot go close to churches. Holy items hurt them.
Beings of the demon family who choose to seduce humans for their own benefit. They can be extremely persuasive and hard to resist. Sometimes not even an angel can cleanse a person's soul after they've been affected by one.
Natural Powers: They have the ability to be able to possess a human and also seduce them easily, especially if you look into their eyes.
Weaknesses: They may end up getting too attached to a human, which can bring their downfall. Holy objects repel them, and bright sunlight will hurt them.

Beings that can perform magic. IE: Witches, Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers, and many others. These beings rely on their magic for battle, and sometimes choose to make a living with it. They can be either good or evil, sometimes using their magic to help humans, sometimes using it to destroy them.
Natural Powers: Their magical abilities that vary from mage to mage.
Weaknesses: Pretty much anything a human is weak to, unless their magic allows them to overcome certain things.


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PostSubject: Re: Race Information   Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:21 pm



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Race Information
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