When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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PostSubject: Masquerade   Masquerade EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 6:30 am

Many cities in the world have their reputations, whether it be drugs, sex, crowds or technology. For Divorare, it has always been the hub for everyone looking for a new start. Situated along the coast, the city has everything from world class schools, laboratories, beaches, forests to sports grounds. However, there is a reason why no one really hears about it, not from the media anyways. That's because like most places, it has it's secrets. Unlike most cities, it's these secrets that could get anyone killed because Divorare is known as one other thing to the undergrounds of the world, and that's hybrid central.

A hybrid? They're the real deal, the real supernatural creature. Werewolves? Myth, Vampires? A medical condition that is nothing as hollywood projects. Hybrids? These creatures are humans, at heart anyways. The difference being that at the beginning of time, while some humans created fire, others simply watched, watched other hunters and in turn, begun to mimic their animal counterparts. As one might predict, that meant that humans varied all over the globe. However, as times press on, and things changed, the ability to shift, to be a hybrid of human and animal changed from a necessity to survive, to something that couldn't be controlled.

While hybrids are mildly influenced about where they come from the truth is that every hybrid learns from watching, so in a city like Divorare, where diversity is the thing, it isn't a choice of where the child was born and raised so much, more about what their family is, what they are exposed to as a child. Truthfully, it depends on the person, but most of the time, a child will follow in their parents or main young influence’s pawprints. Why humans still exist? Simple, there were more humans around the fire then there were watching carnivores.

Divorare, despite being the hub of hybrids, is run by humans, almost all places of power in the parliament control by a human. However, humans aren't stupid, and politicians aren't the bullshit-filled men and women who talk with no power like in most cities. No, all politicians are of an organisation, a group who know what lies beneath the city streets and have swore to keep it quite from the general population, even if that means by killing.

But wait, under the streets? What's really going on down there?

Well, the humans thing they're in charge, the organisation think they can control their city. But, they have no idea what they're really facing. Above the law, and beyond the human eye, Divorare isn't free for all. The city is really run by two gangs, two hybrid groups who form the two gangs in Divorare, the ones which run their ends of town, who have an almost mafia-like reputation to all those who know about them. Oh, and everyone knows about them. If either of the leaders are seen about, no one will ignore them simply because they have no idea who they are. The gangs are known, but what they really are? Not a chance.

Some would ask why two groups can't just get along. Well the answer is simple, because these gangs aren't just jumbled shifters. They are the royalty, and the military, royal felines and military dogs, the cat hybrids, Soriyan, against the canine hybrids Cruix, in the long-running war between cat and dog. Most would dismiss it straight away, saying that gang fights like that would exist, cats wouldn't band together. Oh but in this city they would, because a stray big cat or a stray wolf? They're picked off likes flies. In Divorare hybrids are only safe in numbers. That, would be where the latest in the gangs have formed from, the fact that if a hybrid wasn't cat or dog, they were on their own, they were pretty much prey for the organization.

Enter Eventus, the gang who accepts every member, no matter their animal breed. Eventus, aren't like the others however, and while they are content with controlling the city from underneath, after so many years of being shunned for what they are, a jumble of everything else, the Eventus want to show the organisation that they are not prey, and show humans that in this city, they have no real control over their own lives.

The question is, will Cruix and Soriyan willing let their cover be blown by a group of misfits?

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