When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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As of July 15th, this site is now OPEN! Have fun! ^^
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 The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo

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Perfect Unsanity

Perfect Unsanity

PostSubject: The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo   Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:23 am

It's only a matter of time.

Kurokon Shikyo
Perfect Unsanity, Fear

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.

♦ First Name: Kurokon
♦ Middle Name: Draco
♦ Surname: Shikyo
♦ Alias: Fear, Perfect Insanity
♦ Age: 220, 22
♦ Gender: Male
♦ Race: Incubus
→ Dimension: Earth

۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair Colour: White
⊹ Hair Style: Picture
⊹ Eyes: Gray
⊹ Skin: Tan
⊹ Usual Appeal:
⊹ Other:

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon: Kyōka Suigetsu (鏡花水月, Mirror Flower, Water Moon): In its sealed form, it resembles a normal katana. The only decoration is the tsuba, which is a hexagon instead of a rectangle. The two sides parallel to the blade are long, whereas the four sides above and below the blade are shortened, making it into almost a diamond or prism-like shape. It has a green handle.
■Shikai: The release command is "Shatter" (砕けろ, kudakero) and is used to both activate and deactivate it. The name Kyōka Suigetsu hints at its illusionary properties; the moon reflected in water and a flower in a mirror are things that can be seen but not held. It is a Chinese saying for seeing and desiring something that is a dream that cannot be easily grasped in hand, teaching people about temptations.

♖ Kyōka Suigetsu's Shikai ability is Kanzen Saimin (完全催眠, Complete Hypnosis). It controls the five senses to the point that it can make the target misinterpret another person's form, shape, mass, feel and smell to be that of the enemy. The initiation condition for the hypnosis is to show the enemy the release of Kyōka Suigetsu. After seeing it just once, that person will completely succumb to the hypnosis. After that, every time it is released, that person will fall under the thrall of the hypnosis. The hypnosis is apparently long-lasting, seeing as the Vizard are still affected by Kyōka Suigetsu even though they were hypnotized at least 110 years ago. Since the spell works when you see the ritual, those who cannot see are consequently immune to the hypnosis. When he turns off the hypnosis by force of will, the image shown melts away/shatters. Kyōka Suigetsu's Complete Hypnosis is absolutely flawless; even if the target is aware that they are under the hypnosis, they cannot resist its influence. Kyōka Suigetsu's hypnotic abilities make it a highly useful tool in combat, as Kurokon can quickly create simple or complex illusions to deceive his opponents. For example, by creating a decoy of himself, or other illusions to distract his opponents, Kurokon can hide his own movements and attack with impunity. His opponent, meanwhile, will remain focused on the illusion until it's too late to react. While the illusions Kyōka Suigetsu creates are quite powerful, those with considerable power and skill themselves may be able to note slight differences in the illusions compared to the real thing, even if they are not able to determine what, precisely, is different. Captain Retsu Unohana was able to detect something was amiss with Aizen's fake corpse, even though she did not realize what until seeing Aizen alive


    ♖Speed is unmatched
    ♖Master Manipulator

    ♖Doesnt enjoy taking over things
    ♖Emotionally unstable
    ♖Insecure with himself
    ♖Does not kill, unless one kills his mate.

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality: Kurokon is incredibly intelligent, and full of energy. He puts out a shell of emotional calmness, and is easy going. However this is because he hides his emotions, unless he gets angry. While he may smile from time to time, it doesnt happen often, so its usually a sign of him opening up to someone.
✵ Good / Bad Habit(s): Sex, Worrying over Insecurities, hiding his emotions.
✵Goal(s): Find someone he truly loves.
✵Dream(s): End the war and fill the world with peace and love, through any means neccessary
    ✵Being Dominated
    ✵Dominating to the point of Rape

    ✵No sex D:
    ✵People who have more than three dislikes

۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: 3/14
❅ Home: Earth
❅ Bloodline: Unknown
❅ Siblings:
❅ Background: He was born on earth by rogues of the same species. Kurokon never met his parents, litteraly being raised by wolves. He would have been eaten, if not for his blood, and power. Even as a baby he used the power unconciously to make everyone around him love him, the wolves protected him until he was old enough to gain control over his power and leave. He eventually went on a rampage when he tried to control his own hormones. He killed hundreds before eventually coming to someone who managed to snap him out of his senses. His power was overused, so he couldnt use that to calm them down. He killed them using Kyoka Suigetsu. Ironically, it was the incubus leader, someone with a similar power, but theyre powers didnt seem to affect each other. The leader was a terrible ruler, killing anyone who opposed him, and set rules up so if anyone killed him, they would become the new leader. This was due to his love of power, he saw that anyone powerful should rule, even if it meant his death. Kurokon became the official leader, and retracted many laws that the previous had made.


❅ RP Sample: http://worldconflict.forumotion.com/t146-beer-busters-d

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Human Leader

PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo   Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:49 pm

I accept. Though I would love a better RP Sample.
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Sadistic Vampire
Vampire Leader
Sadistic Vampire

PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo   Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:08 pm

Sorry, but I have to un-approve this. I said you could use Aizen's zanpakuto. The SWORD. Not all the techs that come with it. You ave way too many techs. Please tone it down. Also, that is NOT an acceptable RP sample.


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Perfect Unsanity

Perfect Unsanity

PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo   Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:04 am

I had two techs, nothing to freak out about. I have one, and youve rped with me for years now, I figured you'd already know. Edited either way.
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Perverted Kayla Kitty

Perverted Kayla Kitty

PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo   Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:17 am

Alright. Approved. Unless Sarah has any arguments against it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo   

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The Perfect Unsanity, Kurokon Shikyo
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