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 Koneko Hasashima [Spirits Second In Command]

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PostSubject: Koneko Hasashima [Spirits Second In Command]   Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:26 am

It's only a matter of time.

Koneko Elaine Hasashima

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.

♦ First Name: Koneko
♦ Middle Name: Elaine
♦ Surname: Hasashima
♦ Alias: Neko
♦ Age: 986/11
♦ Gender: Female
♦ Race: Spirit
→ Dimension: Hell
۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair Colour: White
⊹ Hair Style: Short and messy
⊹ Eyes: Left Yellow, Right Blue
⊹ Skin: Pale
⊹ Usual Appeal: Normally Koneko can be found in a black and white lolita dress that falls to about her knees. The dress itself is covered in all sorts of ribbons and bows. She has white stalkings that go up to about her mid thigh and a pair of black pumps completes the outfit.
⊹ Other: She has a pretty headband that matches her dress and an umbrella as well.

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon: Her only weapon starts off in the form of a Black and White rabbit which she calls Lopsy. Lopsy transforms when Koneko feels that her life is in danger, or when she feels that the people she cares for are in danger. Lopsy has three forms, his first form is a simple dagger. The dagger itself is not special in any way and is extremely simple in form, a black and white handle carved from bone and a simple silver blade. The second form is a katana, about a foot long with a bit more elaborate handle adorned by a simple red jewel in the center. His final, and most powerful form is a 6 foot scythe. The ebony and marble staff is thick and adorned with
tiny black jewels. Aside from being the largest and most adorned weapon, the scythe form allows Koneko to transfer some of her strong spiritual energy through the weapon. Depending on her emotion an aura will appear around the weapon varring in color from mood to mood.

♖ Power: Koneko's power allows her to maintain and absorb high levels of Spiritual, Angelic, or Demonic energy. This power also gives her the ability to communicate with either living or deceased creatures through a form of spiritual telepathy. She makes a connection to their spiritual energy and transfers her thoughts or will through this bond. However, not all people can hear her or respond back. If Koneko absorbs to much energy of any one affiliation, it becomes easier for creatures of that affiliate to posses her and control her actions. As a result she can only maintain a high level of any one energy for up to two posts or illusion attacks become very effective against her. When active, her speed is increased dramatically and she can activate any one of Lopsy's three forms.

    ♖ Strong Spiritual Energy
    ♖ Good at following orders
    ♖ Stealthy
    ♖ Speed

    ♖ Frightened Easily
    ♖ Loses confidence in herself
    ♖ Hard time communicating with people verbally
    ♖ Not very much physical strength

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality: (Written in a PARAGRAPH.)
Though her name means "Kitten" Koneko has always been much more of a mouse. Timid by nature, she never made many friends, and those that she did make tended to take advantage of her. Wether it be by ordering her around or simply pushing her to the ground, Koneko would take every abuse with a smile. Dispite how many treated her, she managed to keep her affectionate personality. Often times bringing home injured animals and nursing them back to health or stopping to help out a distressed stranger she met on the street. Her open innocence often left her vulnerable though, and after a few incidents she quickly learned that not everyone should be trusted. Soon her loving disposition was hidden beneath her apathy, like every other quality she had come to possess, and her timid nature was reduced to a calm caution that she exhibited towards every situation that she encountered.Presently, most that know Koneko do not know her at all but simply know of her. True to herself, she stays silent on most occasions and simply observes others. She has gotten better at commenting when she feels strongly about something but otherwise speaks only when spoken to.As a result of her death, Koneko now holds a strong distate for older men, and will often distance herself from them. When Required to associate with them, she exhibits a bitter tone and an almost scared posture when not focused on keeping her opinions hidden. When speaking with older women, Koneko will sometimes express child like curiosity if a conversation is started with her. She often asks questions with answers that leave her already pink cheeks a shade of cherry red. Bright colors with neutral contrasts and pictures of kittens adorn her living space, along with a vast library of music and books. Her sense of fashion is not the only thing child like about her though. Koneko was never known to smile, but will still let one slip when enjoying something sweet and can often be bribed into things she would normally not do when there is a treat on the line.

✵ Good / Bad Habit(s): She bites her nails when pressured
Talks to herself
✵Goal(s): To gain more confidence in herself and to become stronger
✵Dream(s): To find someone that understands her on every level
    ✵ Kittens
    ✵ Animals
    ✵ Books
    ✵ Sweets

    ✵ Spicy food
    ✵ Cocky people
    ✵ Creepy Older Men
    ✵ When people don't answer her questions

۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: April 30th
❅ Home: Hell
❅ Bloodline: Human
❅ Siblings: None
❅ Background:

The night Koneko Elaine Hasashima was born was a hellish one.The storm that raged outside could be compared to that of a Hurricane, though this tiny little town sat nowhere near any ocean or sea. Buildings were destroyed and many people were killed in the path of this storm. Nearly every child in the hospital died that night, every one but Koneko.

The building around them was crumbling, as was their hope. Adelaide Hasashima cradeled her beautiful baby girl to her chest sobbing as an immense feeling of helplessness washed over. She was desperate, extremely desperate, and was willing to give anything if it would save her little girl. As her desperation grew with each pitch of the building she shut her eyes and she cried out for someone, anyone, to save her child. She promised them anything they wanted
as long as her little girl could live.

Hearing her plea, a demon by the name of Damen stepped forth from the shifting shadows, yellow eyes glowing in the dim light. Adelaide was frightened and almost screamed for him to leave when there was a large flash and the building pitched again, throwing her out of the hospital bed with her wailing child clutched to her chest. She screamed for him to save her child, and offered herself to the demon as payment. Damen gladly accepted, promising Koneko safety and claimed his prize well before the deed was done.

Damen was famous for something though, he never kept his word. So the greedy demon stalked over to where the helpless child now lay wailing in her mothers cold lifeless arms. He reached for her with hungry yellow eyes only to be blown back by a surge of angelic energy so strong it should have killed him. However, being wrapped in the arms of her guardian angel, Koneko was equally exposed to the mixture of demonic and angelic energy. She absorbed almost more then her body could handle before the angel realized what she had done and abruptly stopped her attack. Damen advanced again, hitting them with another blast of demonic energy, which the angel responded to with one of equal power dispite the danger it held for the small child in her arms. The last blast sent Damen back to the Spiritual relm he came from.

The moment those energies passed through her, Koneko would never be the same. Her once blonde hair had been drained of color and would remain white for the rest of her existence, like the hair of her faithful guardian angel who had broken every rule in the book to protect her from eternal damnation; just as her left eye would now and forever be stained with Damen's energy, turning it a sickly sweet yellow like that of a snakes. Just as Damen had promised, Koneko lived through the night and was found in the rubble of the destroyed building crying loudly. The townspeople were fearful of her at first. Afraid that she was a demon child, but soon was
declared a blessing to the town and lived out her first 5 years of childhood in the church.

The people at the church took good care of her, they fed her and clothed her and soon Koneko was able to speak and run and play just like any normal child would. But even from a young age, the townspeople could tell that she not only appeared different, but that she was different. Often the preists and maidens of the church would get complaints from the other children that Koneko spoke to herself and often complained about seeing people who werent there. It was around her 6th birthday that the people of the church decided that it would be in Koneko's best interest if she went to the city and stayed with her Aunt Belarus and Uncle Moltoph.

When Koneko arrived in the city, she was more timid then normal. She flinched when card passed her on the street and often shied away from her Aunt Belarus's boisterousness. Her Uncle Moltoph always kept his distance, giving her a strange look that she would learn to fear later in her life. Aunt Bella, as her aunt prefered to be called, had an obsession with fashion and took it upon herself to dress Koneko in overly elaborate outfits. Being 48, with her Uncle Moltoph at a respectable 52, Aunt Bella was going through a late mid-life crisis and taught Koneko all there was to know about being a model lady.

By the time she was seven Koneko could wear 3 inch heels and not stumble, could apply eyeliner and mascara without a mirror, and could lace her own boots with ease. It was the way in which she dressed that got her into trouble with the other kids, but what was she to do? Her Aunt Bella always looked so happy to see her in those clothes and she loved to make people happy. In the time she had spent with her aunt and uncle, Koneko had become more aware of the looks her uncle would cast at her across the table when her aunt wasn't looking. She never gave it much thought though, because if her aunt Bella wasn't worried, why should she be?

Years passed in much the same manner, Koneko was picked on at school, her aunt would tell her not to worry and buy her a new dress, and uncle Moltoph would refrain fronspeaking a single word to his niece. All of this would change on her 11th birthday however, a day she never got to finish nor would ever forget.

Aunt Bella had gone to the store with her friend Lacie, and would be staying the night with her and her family. This didn't ring as odd for Koneko, the night of her birth was also the night of her mother and fathers deaths. She wasn't stupid and could understand why her aunt Bella would want to be away and with friends, she couldn't help but wish that she had someone other then her spirit friends to spend her birthday with though. In an attempt to calm herself, Koneko went to her room and picked up a book.

Much like the rest of her attire, her room was full of flowers and light pastel covers. She had a full size bed with a pink canopy and a sun window on the other side of her room covered with white curtains. Stuffed animals covered her floors, she didn't care about those though. The only toy she ever cared about was a black and white beat up bunny named Lopsy that had been given to her by her mother the day she was born.

Koneko took a deep breath and opened her book. She had had this strange sinking feeling all day and had assumed it was because no one was here to spend her birthday with her. She wouldn't be able to see any of her spirit friends until after sunset, and it was currently four in the afternoon so she had a while to wait yet. Leaning back with Lopsy in the crook of her arm she pushed the skirt of her elaborate black and white dress down and began to read. After about an hour there was a creak as her door was pushed open. The sound caused Koneko to jump as her eyes darted to the door to see Uncle Moltof leaning against the doorframe.

She asked him what was wrong, and only got that same look of disgusting desire in his eyes as she had the first time she saw him. Then, without a word he walked into the room and shut the door. All she heard was the click of the lock before an uncontrollable fear filled her body. She remembers fighting him for a while, begging him to stop, then seeing her white embroidered pillow come towards her face through tear filled eyes as she reached for Lopsy.

~After Death~

Suffication is a strange feeling. Its like your lungs are being set on fire, and that one breath would make everything better, but you cant get it. You know that if you can take that one breath..everything will be fine....Its when you don't get that one thing that everything starts to crumble.

Koneko sat and watched as her uncle defiled her body, safely numb beside a man with yellow eyes that she thought she had seen in a dream once a very long time ago. Being dead was...different, to say the least, but not umpleasant. Not for her anyway, she decided as she looked down at the black and white bunny cradeled in her arms. She knew that sometimes spirits could carry things with them when they passed, and was very glad that she was able to take Lopsy with her. Damen gestured for her to follow him and she did so without question. She didn't trust the yellow eyed man, but she really had nothing else to go off of. Being dead was new to her after all.

Damen lead her to hell, all she remembers from the experience was the sensation of being compressed so small that the thought of existence seemed like a far off dream. After passing through the gate, Damen showed her around, a deceivingly kind smile on his face. Koneko didn't question him once, though even if she had she wouldn't have voiced it. So she followed her new "friend" through hell, often hiding behind him when old men with that disgusting look of desire plastered on her face looked at her. She hated them, and she hated that look.

Several years passed and Koneko stayed with Damen, still like a child. The demon stayed the ever faithful guardian until one night he came to her with that kind smile that had gotten so good at hiding his intentions. Like the child she is, Koneko greeted him with open arms not once questioning the man that had protected her for centuries. She remembers every word he spoke to her that night, every reason he gave her, every single move he made. She remembers it all, but most of all she remembers running. He scared her now, with that same look in his eyes as all the others. Had he ever been any different, or had she just been blind? She needed to get away from him and so she ran, and didn't stop running until she ran face first into a rather tall figure.

She landed firmly on her butt, looking up at a man with long lavender hair and eyes that screamed...lonliness? She couldn't tell. All she knew was that she had to get away from Damen, he couldn't find her...this time she wouldn't be able to escape with death. As she pushed herself to her feet the man reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her back. As she looked up to meet his eyes again, she saw no trace of the look that she was so scared of and instantly felt like she could trust the man standing before her. That moment would change the rest of her life, for that man was Ame Kamui, the Spirit King.


❅ RP Sample: (To see how good you are.)

"What the f- Saru, we need to get out of here now."

Her eyes hardened and the fear slipped away, she could feel the energy around her start to stir. She knew something bad was going on, her instincts had always served her well and like any person, her need to survive trumped all other things.

She rose from the couch quickly letting the blanket fall, it would be cold outside but she had bigger things to worry about then her body temperature. The air in the room felt as if it was almost starting to vibrate and a blue eerie glow had settled around the room. Every instinct in her was telling her to run, but she knew she would never be able to run fast enough.

"Saru, we need to leave,now. Do you know any jutsus that can get us out of here? "

She preyed that he did, cursing her parents for sheltering her from the shinobi arts. She turned towards the boarded up window and wondered if the surprise attack had anything to do with the unnaturally large bird her partner had just killed and bled onto their living room floor. Shaking her head to erase the thoughts she grabbed Saru, dragging him off the couch and pulled him towards the door. She wouldn't go down without a fight, even if it was unrealistic to think that running would save them, she had to do something. She wasn't the type to sit around and accept her fate, she never had been.
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