When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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 Ame Kamui-- the Spirit King

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PostSubject: Ame Kamui-- the Spirit King   Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:26 pm

It's only a matter of time.

Ame Kamui
The Voice of Hell, The Spirit King, Death's Nightmare

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.

♦ First Name: Ame
♦ Middle Name: Makura
♦ Surname: Kamui
♦ Alias: The Voice of Hell, Spirit King, Death's Nightmare
♦ Age: His real age is lost in the pages of history, though he died at the age of 21.
♦ Gender: Male
♦ Race: Spirit
→ Dimension: Hell

۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair Colour: Lavender
⊹ Hair Style: Usually kept in a ponytail held by chain-linked chopsticks and a red string. However, when he is somewhere he feels comfortable, he will let it down. In the ponytail, is reaches his knees, and when it is down it reaches his ankles.
⊹ Eyes: Ruby Red
⊹ Skin: Pale, being a spirit and all.
⊹ Usual Appeal:
Normally he wears a black halter top, zipped up, with no sleeves. On top of this he has a light blue jacket, sporting many straps instead of zippers, and keeps it undone for the most part. He wears hip-hugging leather pants with red strings where the pockets should be, and white boots under them.
⊹ Other: He has a tattoo around his belly button, shaped in a star, and one on his cheek, shaped like a sword.

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon:
Ame uses daggers connected to chains. The daggers are about three feet long while the chains are twelve feet, so his maximum range is fifteen. He uses a type of dance style when fighting, making his strikes rather unpredictable, as a dance should be. It is with grace and balance that he moves, and as such, his style is one that requires great concentration, a thing that he has learned in his life as a dead spirit.

♖ Power:
Ame has the power to summon Innocent Devils, or more commonly known as Familiars in the human society. Innocent Devils come in four different categories.
Fey -- These IDs are small, not meant for combat in any way. They are more bent on healing. They are very fragile, and as such must be kept away from fights in order to thrive long enough to heal and protect Ame.
Summoning: "Wake from your slumber, let the flowers bloom."

Golems -- These IDs are born to fight. When Ame points, they go and destroy. They cannot heal in any way, but can take just as much damage as they can dish....which is alot.
Summoning: "Unleash Death. Let nothing survive. Let me see them bleed."

Lost -- These IDs are slightly bigger than Fey, and are meant to help Ame get to places he would normally not be able to go. They can attack in combat, though they do not do anywhere near as much damage as Golems unless they can obtain enough experience to attain higher forms.
Summoning: "Let me see that which is not there. Bring me to the place where only gods should reach."

Elementals -- Manifestations of elements [the main ones: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Water] that can eat their own element, are extremely weak to their opposing element, and can cast spells ONLY of their element.
Summoning: "Your domain has been defiled. Come, let there be chaos."

In a topic, Ame is only able to summon three Fey, two Golems, two Elementals, and two Lost. Any more and Ame would pass out from exhaustion, and would need to receive some type of treatment to stabilize himself. Even Spirits need rest, you know.

    ♖ Darkness
    ♖ Physical Combat
    ♖ Illusions
    ♖ Intellect

    ♖ Light
    ♖ Magic
    ♖ Holy Water
    ♖ Exorcism-related things

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality:
Part of his personality should be a dead give-away considering the way he dresses. He usually retains a calm, is not amused, demeanor. Threats to him will only be responded to with excitement and anticipation. He doesn't mind voicing his opinion and enjoys having others...try, new things. It usually ends with one of two possible results...

In regards to his co-workers, he can come off as a bit masochistic in that no threat really scares him. Sure, he knows when to stop, but he can hold his own in an argument. He holds his superiors to upmost respect and acts as such in situations that to not include time for humor. He can be INCREDIBLY flamboyant at times, but it's usually something he manages to catch before things get a little too...weird.

Around men, Ame is relaxed. He enjoys freaking them out sometimes, via invading their space and all in all making them question their sexuality. Beyond that, he truly does enjoy their company and even asks them for opinions on songs he makes from time to time. It's easier for him to bond with men than women due to some....unfortunate past experiences.

Around women, Ame is calm, but cautious. He doesn't intentionally go out of his way to make friends with females, but will be friendly if they are. He usually lets them do most of the talking, and simply listens. He takes on the role of a counselor sometimes, helping them figure out problems. He's incapable of seeming a woman in a romantic light, and as such, IMMEDIATELY corrects them should they think he has an interest in them.

Around children, Ame acts like a big brother. He adores the little ones no matter what his personality might say otherwise. If asked a question that they should only learn later in life, he will simply give them another version of the answer, protecting their innocence. He can easily be invoked into a rage should a child be harmed, and will not stop at just harming a person. No, he will try to brutally murder them in a way that would make Hollow attacks seem peaceful.

All in all, he is a very unique person. It’s extremely hard to scare him especially when he LIKES getting hurt, and one of the only major flaws of his personality is that he can’t handle being victimized, and will immediately fly into a frenzy to attempt to stop anyone or anything from trapping him.

✵ Good / Bad Habit(s):
Writing music
Lazing about like a cat
Snooping in people’s work

It 'd be nice to be able to walk around the earth whenever he wanted....

Finding someone who can love him despite all of his flaws,

    ✵ Udon
    ✵ Games of any type
    ✵ Music
    ✵ Affection

    ✵ Eggplants
    ✵ Being bound
    ✵ His memories
    ✵ Any type of slavery

۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: September 13/14. He was born right between the second separate 11:59 from Midnight, so they declared his birthday both. Or would you rather have his death day?
❅ Home: Palace of the Will O'Wisps, home of the spirits. (Hell)
❅ Bloodline: Dead.
❅ Siblings: Dead as well, though he treats those who follow him like family.
❅ Background:
When he was alive, Ame was sold into slavery in order to pay off his family’s debts. He was abused for many years, to the point of passing out from blood loss, for being disobedient to not only the men, but also the women who ‘owned’ him. He spent seven years floating from buyer to buyer, the scars fading each time only for new ones to be added. It was only at the seventh year that he was bought by a kind man. One who didn't want to hurt him, rather, protect him from the other sick bastards that had owned him previously. He was treated like royalty by this man, named Douji.

It was when he turned sixteen that things became horrible yet again. It was a man, one who had had his sights on Ame for a while, had his men gun down Douji and attempted to take the boy. The only thing that stopped him was Douji's will, which gave Ame inheritance to everything he owned. Ame would become a free citizen, with enough money to do whatever he wanted. Ame, however, was grief-stricken. And he didn't take his master's death kindly. The boy had money now, and he planned on using it for something a little more...productive.

Ame studied the way the underworld worked, adjusting to all the 'rules' and allying himself with some powerful groups, ones who found slavery to be a most...unprofitable business. It took him three years, but eventually he strived to find out the location of the man who gunned down Douji. The man, by the name of Saijo Yuugure, was the one Ame had the deepest vendetta against. Ame hired a group of hitmen, ones who had been close to Douji, and went in a systematical order of hunting Saijo down. They murdered every single one of his co-workers, and their families, until they finally found his whereabouts in a small discreet island off of the coast of Japan. Ame followed the trail to him and ended up murdering Saijo with his own hands.

The following year, he took up one last goal, which was to end the very thing that put him in this situation. Using all the money he inherited, and the help of the allies he gained against slavery, he annihilated all of the major slave traders in the country, and effectively ended it by pouring all of his money into a plot that destroyed the very foundation of the slave market, and officially ended it. The children who were kidnapped were returned to their parents and apologies given. This was when Ame found out something that would be...horrible.

Ame had a defect in his heart and at this point, there was nothing that could fix it. So he opted to spend his last year in peace, sending away his master's employees and remaining in the house he had lived in from the age of seven. He eventually died before his twenty-second birthday, his last breath one of relief as he was able to avenge the only man who had ever showed him kindness.

It was then that he would wake up within this palace. What would become his home.

He spent years upon years being abused by the spirits, his fears being fed on, his hatred fueled more and more. Finally, after decades...He snapped. He killed all in his way, He became a monster, his broken, dark, lonely soul calling out to throughout Hell and calling to him...the Innocent Devils. They would be his everything. They would help him become the Leader of the Spirits, the Voice of Hell. He would claim his throne and finally receive respect, affection...Something he had missed. Something he craved.

Now he has another vendetta to go about. He has some...'things' he left behind when he died that he never quite tied up...Why not just take over the whole damn world while he's at it, hmm?


❅ RP Sample:
Ame was naturally prowling about the Third Division's hallways. Why not freak the poor men out a bit as he walked about in his normal attire, rather than those clunky robes? Besides, Ame was bored, and he figured there was nothing better than making the 'tough men' of the Third Division scream like little girls by harassing them a little. It just proved how much training they needed to have, if you considered the source of their fears. Ame would eventually take a seat in one of the empty rooms and set his book down, the one he had been writing in for a while. Yet another one of his songs almost finished. Good thing this habit didn't have too many mental side effects. He would look up as one of the brave men approached him, a blush on his face as he bowed respectfully.
"A-A-Ame-taichou! W-Why are you here at s-such a time?"
Ame didn't blame the poor male for being disturbed. Ame seemed to do that to most men around him when he went around making uncomfortable. He should probably get a slightly less sue-able habit, but why bother when it was just so amusing to see them squirm around in misery and embarassment? Besides, it separated the men from the cowards by him doing it.

Though...The loud, shrill, incredibly feminine scream that one of the division members had let out from Ame suddenly appearing behind him was probably going a little too far.

It wasn't all of them who did this. Just maybe....five or ten that Ame victimized. He had an idea that a certain Captain was not going to be very happy with him making it so loud from the uncomfortable shrieks, but....Ame wasn't really afraid to be hurt by him. Being the wonderful man he was, Ame would probably make said man want to slit his throat from the comments he tended to make revolving threats of pain. What was it that his dear lieutenant had called him before...? ...Troll, maybe? Meh, it didn't matter much. Back to the man standing at the doorway, he gave him a charming smile.
"Now now, Junshiro was it? Don't worry. I'm simply here to...lounge around for a bit. My barracks have been run over by another of my lovely lieutenant's schemes, so I would prefer here instead of there for the time being."
He watched at the man seemed to tense up even more.
"Unless...you're complaining?"
"N-No! O-Of course not, A-Ame-Taichou! T-Though, w-we would ap-preciate it if you-"
"Stopped harassing you lot for the amusement gained from it. Oh, alright...."
Ame rolled his eyes as the man bowed, thanking him and leaving. Now what to do...He was bored so easily...Maybe that scream had woken his ever-so-favorite person out of his studies. Hell, being yelled at by him would be more fun right now, in all honesty.

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PostSubject: Re: Ame Kamui-- the Spirit King   Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:01 pm

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Ame Kamui-- the Spirit King
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