When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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 Soulweaver, Victoria - Soul Collector {Complete}

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PostSubject: Soulweaver, Victoria - Soul Collector {Complete}   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:36 am

It's only a matter of time.

Victoria Soulweaver
Angel of Death/Soul Collector

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.

♦ First Name: Victoria
♦ Middle Name: Lynn
♦ Surname: Soulweaver
♦ Alias: Angel of Death, Soul Collector
♦ Age: 22 {Unknown, she has been around since time began}
♦ Gender: Female
♦ Race: Angel
→ Dimension: Heaven

۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair Colour: Brown-ish red. Victoria takes great pride in the beauty of it, enjoying the way it works with her eyes.
⊹ Hair Style: Victoria keeps her hair pulled up on one side with a lacey ribbon, the rest of it hanging down. Her bangs are longer on the right side then they are on the left and usually the hair hanging on the right is hanging over her eye.
⊹ Eyes: Her eyes are dark red, crimson if you will, making her look dark and evil. It contrasts with her personality, ironically she is a good angel. At night, when they cat the light of the moon, they appear to be blue, but really it's just light reflecting off of them.
⊹ Skin: Her skin is pale, fragile looking too. When she blushes she is said to be the most beautiful angel to be seen. With her skin being so white, her scars from battle do not show up well but she covers her body never-the-less.
⊹ Usual Appeal: When down on earth, Victoria usually keeps her wings tucked in. She wears a wind breaker with invisible slits so that she can slip her wings out and fly henver she needs to. Other tehn the windbreaker, Victoria wears jeans and a tight toop also with slits so that she may slip her wings out.
Up in heaven, Victoria wears armor that tends to show off her skin. Her pride for her scars in heaven can be shared among many others who also wear armor that shows off skin. Though often times, Victoria can be seen without anything on, a habit of her's. She doesn't actually like clothes very much and enjoys going without them more.
⊹ Other: Atop her head, tilted to the right, she wears a fancy looking hat. It's similar to a top hat but smaller and more smooshed down. All across her body are scars from battles that she has fought in, barely noticed because they hardly show up on the pale skin.

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon:

Victoria's sword is known as the Key of Light. When she wields it light shines from it, leading people to her. It is said to be the Creator's Key, as well. Legend has it that Victoria holds the power to unmake the universe if she desired, being the Creator's favorite. Being the kindly angel that she is, she refuses to test if she can create or unmake anything. Later on she will reveal that she is capable of bringing people back to life by sacrificing an angel.

♖ Power: As the one to guide the dead to their afterlife, Victoria controls a patch of the spirit element. She is capable of drawing people in by making them feel safe and warm. Though Victoria hasn't always snatched the souls of the dead before they became unrestful, she has always been capable of healing said souls with the warmth that she washes over them.

    ♖ Light
    ♖ Flying
    ♖ Joy
    ♖ Hand-to-Hand combat

    ♖ Darkness
    ♖ Being stranded on the ground
    ♖ Hatred
    ♖ Long distance fighting

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality: Victoria can be described as a gentle angel, always willing to help someone. She is happy and kind though she has a dark side that harbors her anger and hatred towards the creator. When she went into battle the first time around, she was heartless and cruel. Only when she was to send the dead off did she return to her gentle, loving state. She is reassuring and kind, motherly and warm. But only to the dead. To the living she can be sweet but she is still cruel and cold. Being the one to aid the grim reaper, she dislikes anything living. Angels, as they are immortal, are not considered living in her book. She treats her fellow angels with the utmost respect and acts as a mother, aunt, cousin, and sister to all. Though she treats their leader better then she would the others.
✵ Good / Bad Habit(s): Victoria tends to be very helpful, always willing to do things for other people. / She can be rude and short-tempered. Stripping tends to happen around her, her clothes and others always being discarded just so that she can feel more comfortable.
✵Goal(s): Victoria wants to help make it so that she can live in peace among the other angels, she also doesn't want to be controlled by humans as she lives amongst her people. She finds that she wants to please Felix in any way she can, though she doesn't even consider sex on that list (she's slightly innocent even after all those years of forcing her clothes off).
✵Dream(s): Victoria dreams of one day being able to find the one she loves and settle down with them, if angels can do that. She wants to know what it is like to be held by someone who really, truly loves her (for she knows that her creator/parental figure never really loved his creations).
    ✵ Reading, Writing
    ✵ Singing, Dancing
    ✵ Writing, Drawing
    ✵ Flying, Being naked

    ✵ Clothing
    ✵ Demons, Werewolves
    ✵ Being stranded on Earth without being able to fly
    ✵ Being caged, captured, or held against her will

۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: Unknown
❅ Home: Heaven
❅ Bloodline: The Creator
❅ Siblings: All of the original angels that the Creator made.
❅ Background: In the beginning of time, when the very first angels were created/born by/of the Creator, Victoria lived a simple life. She stood and watched over the oceans and the land and the skies with the other angels until the Creator had finished creating his world. The Creator had a group of favorites that he called his. After a century, the Creator was beginning to grow bored with his favorites and wanted new ones. He gathered his angels to him and chose the ones that he thought would be the best to entertain him. Victoria was among them. He claimed that she was the most beautiful one that he had ever laid eyes on. It brought happiness to her heart and she was said to have fallen in love with her Creator. But the love she showed Him was never returned, and Victoria grew angry and cold on the inside. With her heart broken, and the other jealous angels beginning to start hating their Creator, she and the others formed a plan to make the Creator go to sleep forever, until one of the binders broke the seal. Victoria being one of the eight binders, she killed the other binders, unknowingly missing one, hating herself for doing it, so that she would not have to worry about the Creator ever returning. The Creator's Key was said to be formed by the souls of many failed attempts at angels. Therefore, many of the angels said that an angel should be the wielder, not a god. Victoria, being the angel who had stolen the key from him in the first place when the Creator was drunk, took it upon herself to wield it. Many of the other angels were angry but didn't challenge her. They were too frightened of her to try it. Afterwards, the angels then began to involve themselves in the fighting for earth. Victoria led the armies as the leader but really, she was just standing in until another came along to take her place. The war was brutal, there was no end to it. After thousands of years of fighting, Victoria was ready to lead her troops back out to war only to find that she was unable to. She spent days attempting to return to earth but finally gave up, guiding the souls that had wandered out of the barrier that was held around earth's dimension to either heaven or hell. She did this until the barrier fell once more, leaving them free to return to earth. Now, under the rule of a new leader, Victoria hunts the earth once more, trying to take the planet for herself and her people.


❅ RP Sample: Axel sighed, snapping his fingers and lighting his hands ablaze. He disliked the dark in the castle, it always made it feel like a dungeon. He hurried along towards Azar's chambers, peeking his head in the door and waving a fiery hand at him. Axel probably looked like a creature back from the dead, or someone holding a flashlight under their face as they told a scary story. He smile and he was pretty sure it looked demonic, not like it could scare the prince in a rage such as this. Of course, Axel didn't know... Azar was unpredictable.

"Lord Azar, would you like some assistance? You seem rather angered." He said pleasantly. Azar was obviously upset about the power, as usual, and it wouldn't take Axel too long to send a flame around the castle that would light every candle in case of this.

"Lord Azar, you must be more careful. Your anger is not good when used against the dark of the castle. It works against you." Axel shook his head, forcing the flame of his right hand to dash around the room and light all the candles. Right after, he sent the flame of his left to continue on in the castle.

He walked into the room fully, clasping his hands behind his back and glanced around, "You made a mess of your desk again... we can have that repaired. As for the bills, shall I have one of my... er... recruits take care of the problem with our electricity?"

Axel glanced at the window as Azar turned to it and then left the room. He shook his head, walking towards it and gazing out of it. There was nothing but the rain and thunder and lightning. He sighed, turning from the window and taking off after Azar in a quick run.

A young looking girl spotted Axel and she forced him to stop. This was one of his recruits. She was new, brand new, but she was pretty damn strong. She was nice enough to run errands for him whenever he needed. He told her to grab some other recruits and head to the factory where they turned the power off and on.

He continued on, ignoring everyone who tried to speak to him. He ran faster until he reached the room Azar went into. "My lord, what is the matter? It's a tiny storm."

Axel frowned, the prince's sitting position changing the instant he had spoken. He pursed his lips and walked quickly over to Azar, sitting beside him. He stared at his insane prince with concerned green eyes. His hands rested against his own legs, covered in their black gloves, until he raised one, setting it gently down on the shoulder of the prince.

"You are certain that nothing is wrong, my lord?" Axel asked, glancing at the television and wondering if he should turn it on. He knew something was up with his highness and he wanted to help, the noise from the tv would probably drown out the noise of the storm above and make him feel better.
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PostSubject: Re: Soulweaver, Victoria - Soul Collector {Complete}   Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:50 am



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Soulweaver, Victoria - Soul Collector {Complete}
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