When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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As of July 15th, this site is now OPEN! Have fun! ^^
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 Leader of the Were-wolves (W.I.P)

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Werewolf Leader

PostSubject: Leader of the Were-wolves (W.I.P)   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:31 am

It's only a matter of time.


Valerie Tsukihime
(moon princess))

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.

♦ First Name:Valerie
♦ Middle Name: Lynn
♦ Surname:Tsukihime
♦ Alias: moon princess,First Child of the moon,
♦ Age: 20 (6,000)
♦ Gender:Female
♦ Race: Werewolf
→ Dimension: ()

۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair: Its Long, golden and carries a soft, silky texture. The golden shade of her hair is a unique combination of dark and light. As Light reflects off of it it gives a gentle healthy glow.From the top of her hair, Its neatly layered and it trails long bangs that reach down and touch the tip of her shoulders. Framing both sides of her face while the shorter bangs hover above her eyes. Leaving the rest of her hair to cascade down in a straight fashion slightly past down her bottom touching the back of her thighs. Most of the time it is worn loose though occasionally its neatly set into a single braid or put up in a loose ponytail. In her wolf form her fur is rather thick and the same color as her hair, soft and the coat gives a healthy shine. In both forms it gives off a pleasant mixture of vanilla and strawberry scent.

⊹ Eyes: Beneath thin, perfectly arched eyebrows are wide Ruby red irises that hold a darker crimson hue at the top and become lighter at the bottom. Her pupils are slit like an animals would be. And are curtained within long light blonde eyelashes.

⊹ Skin: The shape of her face is that of a heart. Clear in facial complexion, made up of high cheek bones with a small nose that has a nice curve to it and plump rosy pink colored lips.As the rumors say she is rather beautiful in a mature form;From the curve of her neck to her small delicate looking shoulders that are held back in good posture. Her supple round D cupped sized bust to the graceful curve of her hips. to her soft yet firm ample bottom finished with long slender legs and arms. As fragile as she may appear. Her body is actually strong and healthy. Well toned in muscle and not an ounce of fat on her frame. Valerie is five feet and six inches in height making her not exactly tall nor too petite. The smooth texture of her skin is that of a fair ivory color with a touch of a peachy tone to it.From years of taking good care of her body she is flawless, with no imperfection scarring her hourglass shaped figure.

In her wolf form she is 8 feet tall and her body is slender and she gives off a powerful aura.

⊹ Usual Appeal: Valerie's attire consists of a white gown that hangs slightly off the shoulder.From her upper arm the dislocated sleeves are loose and cover her arm and the top of her hand. Showing the palm of her hands and her long slender fingers. Though it shows her collar bone it covers her chest and outlines her figure.and as it goes past her sides there is golden design and splits at the center taking an appearance of an upside down V. The skirt of her dress is a long dark blue color that goes all the way to her feet. Usually barefoot.Though this is her usual attire she will wear a simple white gown or other clothing that she is in the mood to wear.

⊹ Other: her pearly white teeth do hold a canine like sharpness that somewhat look like fangs though they still look normal.

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon: Chains that hold spear like tips at the ends that she can summon at will and control with her mind even in wolf form.

♖ Power: Valerie has the powerful gift that unlocks the full potential of the mind that allows her to move objects, read current thoughts and memories or transfer her own in mental communication, and in the process she is immune to any illusion. with enough concentration she can focus an attack that can push her opponent a few feet back away from her. Though The draw back however is that she can't control peoples movements or move them to her will unless they want her to. and she can't use this power while in wolf form.


    ♖she holds inhuman strength and speed.
    ♖Her five senses are better than the average human.
    ♖She is an expert with hand to hand combat.
    ♖Quick thinker in combat
    ♖and she is rather flexible.
    ♖ One of the rare were wolves that has complete control over her transformation.


    ♖she can sometimes act before thinking things through
    ♖She is protective of her people and innocent bystanders
    ♖she can sometimes let her anger get the best of her
    ♖The fear of losing those she loves
    ♖Her disgust in vampires

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality: At first glance, she as seen as calm and collected. Usually wearing a rather neutral expression upon her face. For a woman belonging within a race of supposedly "unstable" or "impatient" creatures. Valerie holds a lot of patience and stability that most of her people lack. As expected of a queen she is polite and well mannered as well as strong in mind and spirit. Valerie is most of the time serious and is usually concerned over the well being of her people. She is kind hearted,rather gentle and loyal towards others as well a
s honest.

Though unlike most nobles there is quite a difference to her. For one, she isn't much of a person to constantly follow the rules given to her when she was young. As a matter of fact she usually breaks them and follows her own feelings instead of being content from what others tell her. Valerie is stubborn as all get out as well as short tempered. And usually lash out in anger verbally or in some rare cases physically. She despises vampires with a burning passion. Seeing them as blood drinkers that care for no one but themselves and their own physical needs.

She isn't exactly the type to hold back emotions, rather freely expressing them. Being well known as someone who isn't afraid to be themselves. Valerie is confident though she isn't arrogant. Knowing of her weaknesses and strengths and attempts to over come her weak spots.

✵ Good / Bad Habit(s):


۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: (Month & Day)
❅ Home: (Exactly like the Dimensions)
❅ Bloodline: (Parents)
❅ Siblings:
❅ Background: (GOOD PARAGRAPH or MORE.)


❅ RP Sample: (To see how good you are.)
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Leader of the Were-wolves (W.I.P)
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