When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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Aubrey ~ X'O

Aubrey ~ X'O

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It's only a matter of time.

.//: Demented Ghost W.I.P Heine_Rammsteiner_by_k_atrina

~ Kairi Sousha Lin-Kuei ~

- Glass Table Girls -

Glass Table Girls represent one of the many conditions in which X'O is unwillingly partaking in. The glass represents the fact that he can see through people from his own perspective - being able to read them and over analyze their emotions and thoughts and gather probable results and predict the cause of the issue. Whereas - just like all of them seem to be a double edged sword. The glass may also represent the fact that he is fragile on the inside. Mentally and emotionally strong yet weak at the same time when 'uncertainty' takes over. Speaking of uncertainty ~ Table represents how sturdy and well put together he appears. Knows and Has good morals and values even though his first impression may have you believe otherwise. Able to hold himself together and build upon himself. The legs of the table represent the fact that he can only go upwards in his journey for knowledge where as the flat surface represents his level-headedness during battle. However, as time moves on in life, it is uncertain that the table can withstand the stress of knowing more and more stuff and also remembering those things from the past. It is uncertain that all the look corks and screws can hold him up for much longer. The girls, which are placed ontop of the glass table represent the stereotype that women are more emotionally and mentally attached then males. Showing that he is more in touch with his softer, femine side the more he goes in depth within himself to pull out his true self. However the reason why it's pural is because it shows the many different emotionally and mentally attached people X'O could be. Only hiding his true self deeper and deeper which is harder to pull out. As they stand on this currently sturdy yet fragile glass table it shows that all these different personas are keeping him from reaching his true goal which is to find out who he really is ~ deep down inside.

Glass - X'O's reading/analyzing capabilities
Table - The true X'O and his true goals which is to reach the top
Girls - The different emotional personas which keep him from pursuing his dreams

// Questions //
Interviewer: Kairi, enlighten us and describe your addiction.
Kairi: You don't understand... I'm poisoning you by telling you this now. Your a reporter and your doing your job yet the filth I'm gonna share with you is gonna poison the viewers are able to comprehend. Wisdom is the most addicting drug known to man. Some people are lucky enough to live their life unaware... certain of the uncertain whereas some... some like me... some like me. Those like me aren't so lucky. Those like me have to know. If we don't know... if the answer is uncertain... we suffer withdrawal. We lose our minds... make rash decisions... or don't make any at all... So we sit... so we sit and wonder... what would it be like to know things... to live life in everyone's shoes... to feel the ultimate pain... the ultimate love... the ultimate fear... go beyond life... is there beyond life?... What would it be like to be a star. To float around in the universe and be dazzled by the gorgeous light shows. To be cuddled up with the love of your life and never ever losing interest. Heh, let's be honest now. We all wondered what would it be like to be the creator... y'know... him upstairs... or she... or it. To atleast know it. To really be a angel or vampire. Have you very went to bed and dreamed about being a character in your favorite show? To run along Inuyasha. To fight broly beside Goku. Anyway I can go on for hours about the what if's but honestly. No one will get their answers if we just sit around and wonder. I have to know. Wisdom is a gift and a curse... because thing fear comes... what if you finally know everything and then what do you do. What do you do when you've reached you goal. I bet you know the answer... because you've reached your goal. It's much easier to live your life not knowing. However when you spend your whole life wondering the what if's... answers are the only thing to set your free.

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.
♦ First Name: Kairi
♦ Middle Name: Sousha
♦ Surname: Lin-Kuei
♦ Alias: X'O
♦ Age: 200 // 17
♦ Gender: Male
♦ Race: Spirit
→ Dimension: Earth // Hell // Neutral Grounds
۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair Colour: White // Gray-Certain Lightings
⊹ Hair Style: Short // Bangs
⊹ Eyes: Red // Glow
⊹ Skin: Semi-Pale
⊹ Usual Apparel: Attire Often Variates // Kairi stands at around 6 feet, has a thin, semi-nourished muscular build, and has red irises. His hair is white ~ Hehas bangs ~ There are small sized ~ enough to cover his forehead, raggedly cut and naturally light highlights in the hair on the front of his head; a large upper portion of the hair on the back of his head consists of these highlights as well. He has a semi-square jawline and is somewhat handsome. However, he has some bruised skin, and scars, possibly from hunting shinobi; note that these fade over time. His attire consists of a white V-neck shirt that's somewhat stretched out and slightly torn in the left shoulder area, allowing it to hang like a one strap shirt. He hasn't really had the chance to change his upper attire. A large all black scarf that he wraps and ties around his waist. Black pants with bandages wrapped around his thighs and legs. He has a red and black muffler scarf that he wears around his neck, which he occassionally pulls upwards to cover the lower half of his face. During time when traveling to cold places or occassional cold days he wears a black cloak with bandages wrapped around his waist and changes to a all black scarf that wraps around his face like a shemagh scarf.

⊹ Other: Bandages wrapped around his neck // Succubus bite mark-left side of neck // Ear Piercings // Multiple beaded bracelets that reaches half way up his forearms each // Two necklaces-brown/red/yellow beads

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon: Splurg Ring (Placed on the his right-handed ring finger)

♖ Power: This rings isnt a simple ring. It is fueled by evil and sinister impurities which allows it to preform unholy and demonic sorcery. What it does is that allows the weilder to preform six different abilities but in return they have drastic downfalls.

[list] //


    ♖Lust for Combat // Reflective Abilities
    ♖Increadible Hand-to-hand Combat Skills // Break-Neck Speed
    ♖Extreme Creativity
    ♖Mental Illusion/Reality Technique

    ♖Mentally Unstable // Split Personalities
    ♖Unable to Depict Reality from Fantasy
    ♖Fear of Salt
    ♖Fear of Loneliness

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality:
Pyschoanalysist: Welcome Sousha, We took an analysist of your brain and well-

Kairi: - I prefer if you call me X'O...

Pyschoanalysist: Is it because you are ashamed of your name? Is it to feminine for you? Do you care too much about what others think of you that you change your name to something so vague as X'O?

Kairi: Heh... If I told you that, then it would be confirmed that you are correct and I'm not gonna give you the luxury. Even though by me saying this, it already does confirm that you are correct. Yet if I give you a good enough reason which is not your assumed conclusion then would that throw off your analyzation of me? Would that question your results about me? Go on and read me back your... "opinions" about me. Oh, and if it helps. You can call me Kairi.

Pyschoanalysist: Aw, you are slowly proving me right on my results. Let's see if you can connect the actions you preformed with the conclusions I gathered from my analysist of you.

Kairi: Proceed...

Pyschoanalysist: In terms of personality, you're quick to hide what you really are ~
Behind a mask of confidence and sometimes arrogance, you're scared of yourself and you're even more scared of letting others in, in case they end up getting you in trouble or hurting you. You're really quite timid, but you believe that if you at least act confident you might gain some real confidence in time. Well, I'm not as confident about the rest as I was about what I just said, but I think it's fairly accurate. Your over-analysis stems from a fear of not knowing things. You hate being uncertain, and thats why you tried to keep a distance from me for so long. You like knowing everything there is to know about a situation and if you don't know something you feel the need to dig and dig so you can feel secure. Your interests in darker areas such as satanism and such that you've recently acquired is a desire to seem more occult and mysterious. My guess is that you want to be this way because most girls fall at the feet of the brooding, mysterious guys in stories and folklore. You take a liking into writing to because of the fact that you feel the need to let out all of your emotions and mental thoughts of ideas and discoveries which emerge from emotional breakthroughs that you find in yourself often in your life because you are obsessed with over analyzing who you are deep down inside to the very tip but what you don't understand is people change over time and I understand that you wish to grasp the basics of yourself but it is impossible. So you come up with these new ideas for different identities for yourself and base them off a template and place what you know about yourself as the basics or the goal of the false identity and then you fuse it with what you dream to be. Whatever appeals to the public because of your fears of not fitting in or looking stupid yet at the same time you wish to stand out from the crowd. Unlike other people, your philosophy on partaking the image of the 'bad guy' or at least the 'bad boy' not only comes from my theory of the opposing sex but as well as the fact that you see without a villain, their will not be a hero and also for the simple fact that it appears that the heroes only get their rightful respect during the time when all seems lost and every counts upon the hero to put forth the effort to save the day during it's final hours. To you it seems a bit... "much like bullshxt." to you and I also understand that as well. Thus you put on this mysterious act to already appear agaisnt the public so if they turn agaisnt you, it appears that it doesn't phase you when it does deep down inside. Giving off vague and esoteric information in an occult-like manner to keep yourself from being harmed. Trufully you are kind hearted and just want someone you can calm you head around during tough emotional times like this. You put on this mask of confidence and arrogance around people you feel somewhat secure about. For people to completely know the real you, it's obvious that they must go under serious 'Trust Trials' for them to finally be able to know the real you. You seem to have a nice ability of Over-Analyzation which allows you to read people from their body language, actions, tone of voice, shift of eyes or other bodily movements, and other things. By doing such a thing, you conjure up conclusions or assumptions about people or situations to get a general idea until you. You take interest into odd fashions and color combinations that would stand out agaisnt the public which also comes from your desire to stand out from the crowd. Your artistic ways comes from your deep mental and emotional concentration that you have which needs to be expressed through artistic visuals of nature and people in beautiful natural sceneries and touching poetry all based on your emotions during that point in time. You challenge yourself by keeping promises to people and pushing yourself to never give up on those people and those promises, but most importantly, to never give up on yourself, ever. Which is slightly tough for you seeing as competition somewhat thwarts your plans of never giving up because then your desire to know everything kicks in. You have a desire to know the best possible outcome of who would be the best victor; the fear of competition throws off your over-analyzation skills during the mental comparison and sometimes off your analyzations of either yourself or the competitor and those you lose focus of what really matters or you analyze good but you start to doubt your results which throws off your focus. (Note: When he means competition he doesn't mean opponents in combat, it's more like races, games, mostly competiting for someone's love.) Now your love life and relationship concerns -

Kairi: - That's all correct... great analyzation skills. However, That's enough.

Pyschoanalysist: - But I haven't finished with your love life, attractions, fears and attitude during batt -

Kairi: - I said that's enough. If they wanna know the rest tell them to come and meet me themselves.

Pyschoanalysist: Your mysterious attitude is making a bold appearance suddenly... Why?

Kairi: ...

2 Months Later... ~ Afterlife ~

Pyschoanalysist: Welcome back X'O

Kairi:... X'O? ... Who the hell is that?...

P.A: You are X'O... Do you not remember your own name Kairi?

Kairi: K-Kairi?... I thought my name was... help?

P.A: Help?...what ever makes you draw up such a conclusion?

Kairi:...Because all I hear are screams in my head... Screams of terror and I only feel pleasure in their panic as they point at me screaming... 'Help'

✵ Good / Bad Habit(s): Holding to head // Feeling on his face and neck // Touching his Lips and Eye-lids // Rubbing fingers through his hair
✵Goal(s): To find out who he is and where he takes place in this war
✵Dream(s): Falling in Love // Dominating the Worlds

    ✵Making Friends // Enemies

    ✵Crying Women and Babies
    ✵ Insects
    ✵ Ear ringings when in High Alptitudes
    ✵ Being Sick

۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: 12 // 21
❅ Home: Earth - Unknown Location
❅ Bloodline: Alive - Unknown Whereabouts
❅ Siblings: Alive - Unknown Whereabouts
❅ Background: (GOOD PARAGRAPH or MORE.)


❅ RP Sample:
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