When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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As of July 15th, this site is now OPEN! Have fun! ^^
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 Kendrick Bane

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PostSubject: Kendrick Bane   Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:02 am

It's only a matter of time.

(Profile Picture)

(Kendrick, Lycon , Bane)

۩ Missing ! ۩
Don't forget Who you Are.

♦ First Name: Kendrick
♦ Middle Name: Lycon
♦ Surname:Bane
♦ Alias: Zodiac
♦ Age: (Real, Appearance) 80, 18
♦ Gender:Male
♦ Race: Werewolf
→ Dimension: (Make sure it Fits with Race) Hell
۩ Last Seen Wearing ! ۩
We're Unique, no matter who we are.

⊹ Hair Colour: Black
⊹ Hair Style:
⊹ Eyes: Violet
⊹ Skin:
⊹ Usual Apparel: Open black metal studded vest made with leather and a White cross on the right pectoral and black pants that are around his waist with a wolf buckle that is obsidian and Black metal spike Combat Boots
⊹ Other: Bane bloodline tattoo on both of his shoulders and on his back

۩ Armed and Dangerous ! ۩
Protect not only Yourself, but Your People.

♖ Weapon: Obsidian Katana laced and infused with Holy water he calls his sword "The Last Shadow, His bow is called the "Red Moon" His bow is red dyed metal who's string is enhanced and strengthen with Holy Water, His arrows have Obsidian Barbed heads with garlic inside, He has Thirty arrows in a secret pouches in his vest on his back one on his right and the other on his left fifteen in each.

♖ Power:

    ♖ Bow and Sword mastery
    ♖ Combat (hand to Hand)
    ♖ Transformation into Wolf form at Will
    ♖ Assassination


    ♖ Fighting Mages
    ♖ Relationships
    ♖ Temper
    ♖ Magic

۩ Way of Life ! ۩
Even now, we live out the Dream.

✵ Personality: Kendrick was a first a slightly happy child, his parents were gone alot but he knew of love, but when he went through child hood and his life under the mages as their pet and play thing, Kendrick grew into a cold and cruel young man that saw love as a hindrance and something that would hold him back, Kendrick rarely shows emotion as he grew to embrace his bestial side, Kendrick sees mercy as a tool of the weak, He believes that loyalty is more important than anything else and those who break the trust of the people they are loyal to are trash and pathetic people deserving of death.
✵ Good / Bad Habit(s): Love/ Shutting people out
✵Goal(s): To Gain revenge
✵Dream(s): Gaining prestige for his family

    ✵ Fighting
    ✵ Reading
    ✵ Hunting


    ✵Talkative people
    ✵ Extremely friendly people
    ✵ vampires
    ✵ Mages

۩ The Beginning ! ۩
Don't forget, what It took to get to here now

❅ Birth: 11/5
❅ Home: (Exactly like the Dimensions) Earth
❅ Bloodline: Bane family
❅ Siblings: None
❅ Background: Kendrick's Father and Mother were both werewolf assassins in the old times of war, Kendrick Parents were always able to transform at will to help them in their assassinations, Kendrick Parents always completed a mission and never failed in their missions. Then one day Kendrick parents were sent on a mission to assassinate a group of mages that were working with a traitorous werewolf, when his parents went on their mission they went in under disguise and yet their disguise was given away his parents were captured and killed, The mages traced them back to the bane home, When they went to the home they took the werewolf child Kendrick with them to experiment. Kendrick being three awoke at the mages touch, Kendrick started to cry and get angry it was a full moon out and the mages were arrogant, They thought a three year old child werewolf would not be any trouble, so they prodded and cuff the child not knowing what they were messing with, When one of the mages underestimated Kendrick intelligence he laughed and told Kendrick "Mommy and Daddy are dead Mutt." Kendrick flew into a fit of rage that led to his transformation into a small black werewolf , Kendrick broke out and The mages tried to subdue Kendrick but to no avail, they could only watch as the small wolf child ripped out the throats of their comrades and themselves. After the bloody massacre Kendrick fled into the night and disappeared for the next years, learning form other assassins in wolf clans, Till he was old enough to go home, Kendrick returned to his home where he now lives. Now he has appeared with the werewolves as their assassin and with one goal in mind, To kill the Mages and Vampires.

❅ RP Sample: Kendrick sat on top of the Citadel's Tower overlooking the city sprawling beneath him, the human unaware of the war and other races that were coming through their world, They moved like ants and could be easily crushed like such. Kendrick shook his head his long black Hair swaying back and forth his hood covering his head, He stood up and looked down the moon casting his shadow on part of the city, Kendrick arms were bare and his tattos black and tribal shown darkly in the moon's pale glow. Kendrick smirked and jumped off the building transforming into a werewolf of black fur and violet piercing eyes, He land on a building and into the alley way he ran into the back street of the alley way his black obsidian Claws raking against the concrete, echoing through the alley.

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Sadistic Vampire
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Sadistic Vampire

PostSubject: Re: Kendrick Bane   Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:09 am

This looks fine despite two things.

1) The dimension for werewolves is Hell, not Earth. They have their own realm there. They can, however, spend most of their time on Earth.

2) In their human form werewolves don't have any powers. Sorry.


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PostSubject: Re: Kendrick Bane   Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:49 am

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Sadistic Vampire
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Sadistic Vampire

PostSubject: Re: Kendrick Bane   Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:21 am

You don't want any special power at all? Okay then, approved


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PostSubject: Re: Kendrick Bane   

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Kendrick Bane
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