When the barrier that's protected Earth from monsters breaks, chaos erupts. Each species wants to take Earth for their own, which creates raging battles between all. Who will win?
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As of July 15th, this site is now OPEN! Have fun! ^^
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 Magical Mayhem

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PostSubject: Magical Mayhem   Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:04 pm

- - - - - - - - - -

a prologue to the plot...

Imagine a world where chaos and destruction has become the new reality; each passing moment becomes a struggle for survival as terrorism continues to heighten in strength and numbers. Deception has become the new secret weapon of the corrupt and fragile Ministry of Magic, who is using what little strength they have to influence the information being leaked to local media outlets. The people of the wizarding world are receiving information that has been warped by the government, and the number of daily casualties reported is never close to accuracy. With the growing threat of the rebellion, a combined force of werewolf and vampire radicals who won't stop at murder if it means getting equal rights with humans, citizens are afraid to leave their homes. Everyone, it seems, has made the mistake of forgetting about the death eaters who have suddenly vanished from the newspapers and public eye. Unbeknownst to Britain, they have been working diligently to covertly overthrow neighboring countries in an effort to bring Europe to its knees. The dreaded mist of lies and secrecy is lingering in the air, and its only a matter of time before everything implodes with a bang. What will happen to a scarred and battered magical society, when even the Ministry is incapable of enforcing its laws and holding their own in the middle of a lethal war? This is .

- - - - - - - - - -

an introduction to our community...

Having been in existence for a year and a half, Magical Mayhem has had the distinct honor of playing host to some of the most incredible writers and personalities that you will ever discover on the internet. In addition to providing an organized and compelling community to invoke the creative mind and open doors for the potential authors of our future, the members and staff that make up this community have formed an unbreakable friendship and family that always has room for new additions. Never in your lifetime will you come across a forum that has more passion, so don't miss out on the chance to become part of an unbreakable legacy.

- - - - - - - - - -

an insight from members and staff...

"On most future harry potter forums you will find a new dark lord or something along those lines, but we take it a step further and work diligently to stray from that category. Consisting of a world where anarchism is rising and the order that once held a firm grip on the wizarding world is fading, we provide an incredible atmosphere where your characters can blend in naturally." -OLIVER CROMWELL [MATT] - ADMINISTRATOR

"Nobody can stay away for long! We've had people disappear for months, and as soon as their lives got back on track, they were right back here with us. I think that's one of the things that demonstrates our strength more than anything else. We're all good friends here, and we all understand that real life comes first, but even when real life gets hard, we always come back." - HAWK BLACK [BRITT] - ADMINISTRATOR

"I haven't been here long, but ever since I joined, everyone that has been on has been super nice and very helpful with whatever I needed help with... even with all the members on the site, they always seen to find room for new members, no matter what. " - KEDITH WAIKE [HARLEY] - MEMBER

"I've been a devoted member, or at least tried to be, ever since it opened. This site is a huge part of my life, and I really don't know what I'd do without it. When you speak to the people, there's an instant connection. Nobody ever seems to be mad at anybody else, we all just get along really well." - JENNIFER STONE [SARA] - MEMBER

" I spend every minute I can here just to talk to everyone, even during school! This website wouldn't be anything without, the staff and of course all the other members. I pray that this website never dies out and the dedication that everyone put in never falters. We're all like a huge family, full of people from all over the place. The people I've talked to have already left footprints on my heart." -VALENTIA SAROYAN [TIA] - MEMBER
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Magical Mayhem
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